Products of the Woodland

This page shows some designs of recently made products, a page is also dedicated to the making of the hurdles and shows various stages in their construction and the materials used.

Below: Freestanding and walltop hurdles and also a collection of signs carved in riven oak

Signs and hurdles

An example of a three legged stool or 'coppy' , the seat is of sycamore and the legs are of riven ash worked with traditional hand tools.

Coppy or three legged stool

These hurdles are made with a combination of riven oak lats and hazel rods either in the round or riven.

A completed section of fencing comprising of four four foot hurdles and one eight foot hurdle


Detail showing the riven oak (light colour) and hazel (dark) weave.

Small scale production of charcoal using oil drums

Coppice woodland

Tools of the trade

Products of the Coppice (this page

Hurdle Making

Morris the Monster (The carving of a lectern)

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