Al Moore Stuff!!

I have found a few items up to yet, in amongst old copies of "OZ" and "Nasty Tales", just shows what we were into in the late 60's - early 70's ;-}}}  The "Embryo" was edited by Alan (and possibly others) and contains poetry and artwork by him amongst others. As these were xeroxed or duplicated rather than printed the quality is not all that good, even when they were first published, and they are looking a little dog-eared after travelling around with me for the last thirty years.


Embryo 3

Embryo 4

Embyo 5

I actually have two copies of number five, maybe it's because some of my stuff is in it !!

Fitz Rovel 3

There is only one item accredited to Al in Fitz Rovel, a cartoon but there are a couple of items by a certain James Rupert Moore!!??

Once there were Demons - Art and story by Alan Moore

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At last unmasked, the traitor laughs
To all who showed surprise.
The ever hopeful carrion,
Who at death plucked out his eyes.