The Final Touches

It was decided that the Hortus Inclusus would have a Book of Hours displayed within it and I was asked to design and make a suitable lectern, (a previous one I made was a butterfly called Gonzo(by me) as the face resembled a character from a certain puppet show!). Below are a series of photographs and random comments which may, or may not, bear some relationship to the images involved. Actually the only reason I'm rambling on in this manner is to give you something to do whilst the images load. Ah that should be long enough now on with the show.

Below are scans of the original concept sketches complete with coffee stains!

SketchSketchSketch showing thoughts on lectern

The piece of wood I selected for the body and head of Morris (The Monster, sorry I have to give these things names) was from the crown of an oak tree that had been felled as part of a coppice regeneration project, the head was part of the trunk of the tree and the neck was a curved branch. Initial roughing out was done with a chain saw and the texture and detail were then finished using gouges and chisels.

John and Mathew carving front piece

John and Mathew, wood-carvers from the Tiwi people of Melville Island, carving a front-piece whilst on a visit to Brantwood.

Carving the front pieceBased on Australian body design

The head takes shape

These shots show the results of a days work. The oak has been roughed out with a chainsaw and details such as eye and fang have been started.

Taking shapeTaking shape

I would acknowedge the photographer but he didn't leave his name

A visitor took this of me working towards the end of the major carving operations.

These following photographs show the finished head and body of the lectern, before it was positioned in the garden.

  Before the lectern is addedBefore the lectern is added

Morris in all his glory, the lectern itself has been added, and the whole treated with Tung oil to bring out the grain and preserve the wood. The lectern is made out of one slab of hornbeam which was worked with chainsaw, gouge and grinder/sander. This was from a tree that stood high on the estate and was blown down in the Christmas gales a few years ago

The body carving shows on this imageAlmost finished

Almost finished Morris complete with lectern

Complete with information sheets

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