Once There Were Demons
Art and Story by Alan Moore
Embryo No.5 November '71

I have finally started to scan this early (or should that be ancient) material, of Alan et al. Please let me know if you want more of it. The whole publication? just Al's stuff? High res. zipped images? I will try to produce what people want, but it may take a while!

To keep some sort of reference I will include a cover shot of whichever publication the material is from, on each page I produce

Apologies if some of the images take a while to download, I have tried to strike a compromise between clarity and file sizes but have  probably  succeeded in failure.  Peter Wright, 5th March 2000

These are in page order

Cover of Emryo#5

Once There Were Demons

Once There Were Demons

Once There Were Demons

Once There Were Demons

  Cover shots of Embro and Fitz Rovel

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