Rainy day Blues

I've got them rainy day blues as I sit in my chair
I know that I'm tethered, But I know that you're there
If I ever do want you I've only to call
And you will come running before I can fall

The sun doesn't shine now and the rain still comes down
The rays from your heart soon clears my frown
The weather is nothing as I draw you near
The sounds that I miss I know you can hear

Across in the window the world hurries by
The sounds of the traffic are soon lost in the sky
Unknown to my friends unharmed by my foes
My life takes its course by the way the wind blows

I hope I shall be here when the sun shines
That you'll be here with me, that you will be mine
The thunder has passed now, the storm it is gone
The world it has changed now but I don't think I won

I still sit here restless the sun is too bright
I hope I'm still living when the day turns to night
When the wine is consumed the time it is late
That I go to my bed and consider my fate

Alone is unmasked alone is a dream
People all around me never who they seem
The pillow is hard now the sheets are unclean
I never can know if I was too mean

Some day I shall be alive to all things
And you will sit there fingers covered in rings
Try not to stir me from my deep sleep
You may find this too much but I've got people to meet

Until the world ends I shall be the same
Criticising myself but joining in your game
I am but a pawn and you are my queen
I go where you wish never know where you've been

The time it is gone now the hour it is nigh
You stand with your shotgun I wish I could fly
Someone please save me from this fight
I don't want to harm you but I know that I might

To succeed is to fail and I know that I've won
I had myself but you had your gun
And so now it is farewell you know in the past
Your only consolation is the first's always last

I came to you sometime I left some time else
The thought I took with me but you took the house
Unmoved by begging you got stuck in the mud
I unhooked my life raft but you drowned in the blood

I travel no roads now I find my own path
I'm slowly rebuilding from your aftermath
The clouds still hang heavy the air it is still
I think I've recovered my emotions are nil

Farewell to the critics who lash all my work
I know that I'm free now but the demons still lurk
I shall never be what I'd hoped for
I did have a future but it was lost in a war

Untamed is my pen unopened is your mind
I will rape your brain Its secrets to find
I will open your conscience 'til you beg me to stop
But you cannot touch me because you're at the top

Announce to the world that you're coming down
That the heap that you stand on is full of dead clowns
Yes you took the laughter you brought all the pain
I'm barred from my kingdom some say I'm insane

The rain it is falling so soft and so fine
You find me dying with the last bottle of wine
Apologise for disturbing my rolling mind
But the things that you looked for you were never to find

I've got them rainy day blues but I'm out of my mind
Sometime I may come down and find I am blind
To find that my path is blocked by a wall
But when you're at the bottom You've got nowhere to fall