The ballad of Harry and Mister Sunshine
(Am I who you were, or is the madman sane?)

Never sensed, never seen
My thoughts revolve around, around,………around
Where am I going? Where have I been?
I have known so much
But what is knowledge?

“Teachers teach but can’t understand the boy at the back of the room.”

Cedar forests and patchwork fields draw me into their present
Nature hails me from on high with beauty.

Whence, when, where, what, why, stop, go, stay, listen,
Confusion, town traffic, beep beep.
“Get out of the road”
“Don’t stop on the pavement”
“Keep going.” Bang , blam, Splat; Batman..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Green nature, rebirth, life, death, Green Nature……………..
Mister Sunshine stirs from slumber.

Have you ever been, little man with no hair
Trilby hat, laugh laugh
Behind behind, don’t look behind
Look forward to your future  Ha  ahh!
Wait, wait, wait for tomorrow
The day will come when you are wealthy
Machine, Machinery, mechanisation rattle,
Why do I need an electronic eyeball on a piece of string?
Expression? Originality?
“Who’s wearing the starry tee shirt tonight?” AH HAA

Mirror shatter, tinkle, smash, tinkle
Still the madman looks at his refection
In the shattered mirror
Shattered madman looks at his reflection

“Wait for it, wait for it”
What? Why? When?
“Must we carry on my conversation?”
Fiery Red Robin Hood riding high
Chuckle, The little bald man walks away
Leaving his bottle behind
Walk right on to the end of your life
Work all day for …For…..FOR
Hallway doorknobs, shiny buttons

“Wait mister, please wait, don’t go”
Grow, gouge, gloat, grieve for, from me
Trundle, Trundle, Air-brake HISS
Shriek, monster come to get me
Go away, HELP
Back to where I’m going
What a relief, ‘Ted the Bum’ didn’t get me
“Hello, hello, hello what’s goin’on here,” there everywhere?

Mister Sunshine don’t let them get me
Where have you gone?

The little bald man walks back and
Picks up his bottle
Off we go – natter natter natter buzz buzz buzz
“Can’t you come tonight?”
Pink grey office, hate work
Working on a word called word called…..
“Hello this is me speaking from here
About the present peasant crisis.”
Pluck a pleasant peasant if you’re present
Can, tin can laugh, shatter another brain can
“Whither come you, Sir Knight”
HO HO  The Madman OH OH

Private, nearly open
Private(s), that’s obscene
“Censor it and you censor me”
I am censored
Only people over eighteen can look at me

Mister Sunshine floats away
On clouds of green and yellow
Wearing a kaftan and……..
“You have infiltrated our air space.”

Goodbye Mister Sunshine
I loved you when you were
I love you more; now
When you are not
Goodbye Mister Sunshine
Our love affair is over