Death the Reaper (And From Death Comes Forth Life)

Destroyed, defiled, desolated
The image that I once created
Lies defeated
Limp with hunger
Passion wasted.

Built of ego, built of lies
Am I nothing in my masters eyes.
Torn asunder
Lost in wonder
Seek the good god’s guiding hand
Plea rejected
Feel dejected
Wait another aeon
For the promised land.

Words are wasted on my armour
I care not for personal goals
Against my violent tongue
People plea to spare their souls

No feeling now can I perceive
Pain is a useless past
Climb onto my personal column
‘Tis made with will, ‘tis made to last.

Alone I stand atop this tower
No greater now will I become
The end is nigh
The night is ended
‘Tis now the break of dawn.

As I lie in my crumble fortress
Alone with visions of the past
I seek the ways of Knowledge
But know I cannot last.

"Arise thou Phoenix from the ashes
Rebuild the tower of your mind
Build it not for thyself
Build it for all mankind.
Sacrifice your new tradition
Break the stranglehold of inhibitions
Build the truth into your homes
From mysteries in ancient tomes
"Thou will find if thou dost seek"
Thou will rule the strong, the meek
Power shall come to he that earns it
Knowledge comes to they who learn it."